TCS Technical Interview Questions For Freshers 2012 brings you TCS Technical Interview Question 2012 with Answers, Solutions, Pattern, Technical Interview Questions of TCS.

TCS Technical Interview Questions 2012

1. Which is your favourite language?
2. Basic concepts of C++ like this pointer, function overloading?

3. Write a program to add two numbers in C++ using classes.
4. Tell me something about abstract classes?
5. Tell something about deadlock?
6. How can we prevent deadlock?
7. What is Insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort( basic differences among the functionality of the three sorts and not the exact algorithms)
8. What is Doubly link list?
9. What is Deadlock and how it can be avoided?
10. Write a program that takes a 3 digit number n and finds out whether the number 2^n + 1 is prime, or if it is not prime find out its factors.          
11. What is the best algorithm to sort out unique words from a list of more than 10 million words(1 crore+)? we need the best technique in the terms of execution time.
12. What is scope of a variable? (LOLZ)        
13. What is data Abstraction? and give example    
14. How to swap two numbers with out using temp variable    
15. What is importance of data sturture in a programming language?        
16. What is the Maximum Size that an Array can hold?        
17. What is your strongest programming language (Java, ASP, C, C++, VB, HTML,C#, etc.)?        
18. Const char * char * const What is the differnce between the above two?                
19. What is Memory Alignment?               
20. Explain the difference between ‘operator new’ and the ‘new’ operator?            
21. Difference between delete and delete[]?            
22. What is conversion constructor?          
23. What is a constructor initializer list and when we use constructor initializer list?    
24. What is the order of initialization for data?
25. Explain linux file types    
26. Why should we use data ware housing and how can you extract data for analysis with example?     

TCS HR Interview Questions:-

1. Why should I take you in TCS?
2. Who inspired you to become an Engineer?
3. Introduce Yourself in brief.
4. There’s a bond of 2 years ……. u’re ok with it?
5. You’ll be sent to any part of the country for work…… will you be ok with that?
6. Have you discussed about your job with your family?
7. Why you want to join TCS?
8. What do you know about TCS as a company?
9. Introduce yourself?
10. Why do you want to join TCS and not any other company?


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