Latest Important HR Interview Questions And Answers 2012 – Interview Helping Guideline Brings You Latest Some Important HR Interview Questions 2012 with answers . Latest Hr Questions And Answers 2012 – Interview Helping Guideline .

1. Why did you choose this career ?

2. do you skills match this job or another job more closely ?

3. Why aren’t ? you earning more money at this stage of you career ?

4. why did you leave your last job ?

5. where could you use some improvement ?

6. tell me something about yourself ?

7. why should i hire you ?

8. what is the amount of pf and esi of employee to deducted ?

9. how will you handle confidential company matters ?

10. why do you want to join in industry ?

That’s it friends . if anyone have any problem about any questions of answers then ask me below by comments .  i will help you . .

next day i will update on this website some more questions about hr interview and answers . 

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  1. sir questions are display not given answer ….

  2. i don’t now hw to answer this question,( tell me something about yourself?)

  3. Dear sir pls update the ans this question

  4. Dear sir pls update the ans this question

  5. Difference between printf and scanf

  6. I wanna give proper and suggest me

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