Latest Important HR Interview Questions And Answers 2012 – Interview Helping Guideline

89 Brings You Latest Some Important HR Interview Questions 2012 with answers . Latest Hr Questions And Answers 2012 – Interview Helping Guideline .

1. Why did you choose this career ?

2. do you skills match this job or another job more closely ?

3. Why aren’t ? you earning more money at this stage of you career ?

4. why did you leave your last job ?

5. where could you use some improvement ?

6. tell me something about yourself ?

7. why should i hire you ?

8. what is the amount of pf and esi of employee to deducted ?

9. how will you handle confidential company matters ?

10. why do you want to join in industry ?

That’s it friends . if anyone have any problem about any questions of answers then ask me below by comments .  i will help you . .

next day i will update on this website some more questions about hr interview and answers . 

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