How to Improve Memory Power ? | Top 5 Tips

How to Improve Memory Power ? | Top 5 Tips

Are you a college or a school student? And having problem that you cannot keep the things in your mind for long time and forget before examination? You are the topper in your coaching/ college classes but at time of exam you have failed to remain at top and scoreless marks? All this problems happens when you do not revise your topics properly or don’t have habit of revision.

So here I am explaining some of the most important tips to increase your memory power and improving your focus and concentration. Follow these tips regularly; I am sure you will succeed in exams:

1. Revision is Must

As per research it is found that in a whole day if you do not revise the topics/concepts/chapters for whatever you are preparing for you forget around 82% of that stuff (this is happen only when you do not revise) and what remain? Only 18% and I am sure no one can succeed in exams with 18% of memory. So make it habit that you daily revise the things which you are preparing for jobs/exams etc for 40 to 60 minutes. This will improve your memory and concentration power.

2. Fast Reading and Quick Revision

Day by day when you do reading (regularly), you will find that your ability to read in growing fast and improving your focus and when you start reading fast, you are able to revise the thing fast and this will lead you to sharp and last long memory.

3. Regular Breaks

Do not ever study continuously this will result in stress, weakness and once you get ill, you not going to study well for exams. So it’s better atleast take 5 to 10 minutes break after studying 40 to 50 minutes. Stay healthy this will help you to increase your concentration.

4. Be Positive and Confident

Do not let yourselves go down even the exam is difficult and competition is more. Just always think that “yes you are the one and you can do it”. Always have positive thinking and work hard for your destination.

5. Set your Study Time

Make sure that before starting any preparation you must make time table for each subject i.e. which subject you study first then second and so on, what time you will spend on each subject, set time for revision, time for solving previous papers and mock test and do not forget to take breaks. 

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