How To Prepare For Freshers Interview | Job Interview Tips

How To Prepare For Freshers Interview | Job Interview Tips

If you got a call for interview that means that you have the right aptitude and knowledge which is best suitable for the post. Interview is the final step of selection criteria. And at the final, candidate may have one on one interview or panel interview for his/her selection and this step will decide whether they are selected or not. 

Here is some techniques mention which mostly used by Interviewer:

Straightforward method, he/she will ask questions directly from your CV/ Resume.
Reference interviews, in which interviewer ask you to give example how you meet the their criteria e.g. team work,  leadership
Interviewer can ask off the wall question, just to check your creativity and response.

Tips for Preparation of Interview:

1. Read everything carefully in resume.
2. Prepare these questions that mostly ask by interviewer:

Tell us about yourself
Why did you choose your degree and what have you gained from it?
What has been your most important achievement in life so far? Why?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why have you applied for this job?
What do you have to offer us?
What are the current issues in this sector of work?
What experience do you have of working in a team and what role did you play in that team?
Describe a project you have successfully completed.
How would your friends describe you?
Describe a situation you have found difficult. How did you overcome it?
What questions would you like to ask us?
3. Read every information about the company for which you are giving interview on their official website. Because they will ask you “What you know about our organization”.
4. Rehearse interview in front of mirror/friends/ family and get feedback from them. 
5. Work on your Body language i.e. the way you express your views and express your answers.
6. Check this sample resume that is best for fresher’s: Click Here
7. Arrive in good time.
8. Make a good entrance
9. Body language – handshake, posture, eye contact
10. Smile formally. 
11. At time of Interview be yourself, be confident and interesting.

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