How To Prepare For Group Discussion (GD) ? | Top 5 Career Tips

How To Prepare For Group Discussion (GD) ? | Top 5 Career Tips 

1.     Read Newspaper and Magazines daily

As we mostly see that most of the topics in group discussion is taken from current events because corporations or colleges just want to check that how much the candidate is aware of current events happening in country or world. And definitely you will get all the news in magazines and news paper.  Continuously reading will improve your way of thinking, understanding and decision making and even improve your vocabulary. During reading just follow simple steps:

·          If you’re applying for any jobs check out their previous GD topics because it will give you idea what type of topics they give and then find other topics related to kind of post you are applying.

·          Read each topic carefully coz reading for more hours will not give you anything if you are not concentrating on the issue. It’s better to read for 20 to 30 minutes with proper concentration.

·         During reading try to analyze the issue, create imaginary version in your mind and find methods to solve the problem. Write the methods on the paper and make it habit.

·          Day by day you will see that you are doing good and working hard for your future.
2.     Participation in Mock Discussion is must

No doubt that reading will improve your thinking, way of understanding and decision making but with reading it is important to implement your knowledge in mock group discussion. Participation in mock discussion will lead you r confidence increase and you will able to test your knowledge, way of speaking. Try to put more efforts on the way you express your ideas. Some tips for how to do mock discussion:

I·         Don’t get aggressive while speaking.

II·         Everyone has right to speak, so do not interrupt anyone while speaking.

III·         When one is finished, present your ideas in front of group.

IV·         GD means to reach on the common conclusion regarding issue not to fight against group.
3.     Watch Debates on TV

As we see that almost all news channels organizes debates on important and current issues. It’s good    if you try to follow them because it will give you idea that how you can express your pint of views in GD. More you will practice more you get knowledge of GD.
4.     Body Language Should be Controllable

In group discussion it’s always matter that how you presenting your thoughts in people from your body language. Because with your knowledge, body language is one of the important part which will lead you to your destination. Try to put more effort on your body language.

Listen carefully + no aggression + confidence (not over confident) + knowledge = Success
5.     Start Working on Abstract Topics

Sometimes instructor or moderators may surprise candidates by not giving direct topics related to current issues  and gives some abstract or indirect topic such as “black is color of difference”. So try to prepare yourselves for this situation. Do more and more practice.

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