How to Prepare for Written Exam | Top 5 Tips For Written Examination

How to Prepare for Written Exam | Top 5 Tips For Written Examination

Hey friends!!!! If you are preparing for any Job or entrance exam then you are at the exact place. Here I am going to explain some very important tips regarding how to prepare for written exam that must be following by every person during their preparation and this will surely help you to get success. 

1. Study Material for Preparation 

Study material for any entrance exam must be chosen carefully, this is one of the major parts which will help you to get success. Before exam study all the previous papers related to that job or exam. Always do study from books which have latest syllabus and follow latest exam pattern. 

2. Pattern of Exam

Every examination organized by private corporation/ government/ colleges have their particular examination pattern i.e. fixed number of questions, sections, total marks, exam duration, negative marking etc. So candidates preparing for exam must follow the latest pattern. Prepare yourselves according to the exam pattern not to according the books.

3. Time Table for Preparation

It is noticed that the person who study according to the time table he/she made for preparation will get success faster than the person who is not following the time table. So keep it in mind that before start preparation first make time table according to your subjects and do time management and spend equal time daily on every subject.

4. Revision & Personal Notes

Make it habit whatever you have studied in a whole day, revise it before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning and then go for further syllabus. Revise all the important formulas/ concept and write them on notebook or make you self notes, this will help you at the last day for fast revision.

5. Right Guidance

For any exam you are preparing, take help of experts/teachers if you are finding something difficult to understand. Join best institute for preparation. Solve previous papers and mock test papers.



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