How to Score Good Marks in Exams | English | Maths | Physics

How to Score Good Marks in Exams | English | Maths | Physics

Generally a student of either college or school in order to get high marks starts more studying and takes stress. More studies is not bad but to take stress will not maximize your marks but will maximize chances to make you ill. 

So do not waste your precious time in thinking and worries. Just make self notes, do revision, do time management and make time table, follow the exam pattern and solve those questions in which you get full mark, try to attempt all short answer question because this will increase your marks. 

Here some important tips are explained for how to achieve high marks in exams, follow these daily and regularly:

1. Self Confident 

Don’t get stress just calm down yourself before stating preparation for exams. Start with cool mind.

2. Be Punctual

If you started some topic then do not get disturb and don’t make it late just complete your topic first and be regular with this.

3. Time Table and Management

Before starting preparation make it sure that you will make time table for study and do proper time management with each subject. Give equal amount of time to each of subject and do it regularly. 

4. Accurate

It is important that you will make yourself accurate in order to complete the exam fast and you can do it only when you do more and more practice.

5. Attempt all questions

To get high score you need to solve each and every question. Make it sure that you will do short answer question first and then go for long answers questions. Because short marks question will help you to get good marks. Atleast give attempt to those question with which you are not familiar, in this situation write something similar topic to that question.

6. Solve Previous and Mock papers

Make it habit that you should solve each and every question paper before appearing in exam because this will give you idea how to attempt also increase your accuracy, time management and helps you to get high score.



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