How to write Good answers in Competitive exams

How to write Good answers in Competitive exams

Examination- A word of which almost every student is scared of .But here’s i am revealing a little trick to help you to overcome your greatest fear. Actually, the trick could be big, but it works for sure.

 Mostly competitive exams are comprised of either MCQs or descriptive questions. The thing which has to be clear to you if you want to get good marks is the format. If you know the format, most part is done. Rest you can complete by adopting there tricks-

1. Know your Paper

The first thing which should be clear to you is the format of the paper. Take help of the previous paper for help and analyze the format .Let yourself know what more scoring area in that exam is. Then arrange the topics in order from highest scoring to the lowest. This will help you know where you want to concentrate more.

2. Don’t get misdirected

While writing your answers stay with the question. Don’t get misdirected. It can lead to lost you marks. Stay relative with the question and don’t get confused with your answers.

3. Make your concept clear

Before you start answering the question, take your time and clear your concept first. Otherwise, when you’ll reach the halfway of the answer, you’ll get confused, misdirected and will result in excessive
and unnecessary writing.

4. Make points/subtitles

If you are confident about what you going to answer, then the best way to express your answers is by making subtitles or points of your answers .In this way, your answer will be brief and to the point.

5. Make most of your words

Sometimes, there’s a word limit for a question. So make most of your words. By this, I mean that you should use an expressive word which clearly indicates what you are trying to say.

6. Learn the amount you can handle

Sometimes or most of the time the students get so confused that they try to read every topic they see and start wondering that they must be important. But I suggest that you should know your limitations and you should concentrate on those topics first about which you have some knowledge so that those topics don’t get ignored.

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