General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 29th March

General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 29thMarch

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1.      “Shanti Prayas II” is the joint military exercise recently held between?
a.       India & Nepal
b.      Nepal & US
c.       Nepal & Bangladesh
d.      Bangladesh & US
Answer: Nepal & US
2.      Who among the following heads the ministerial panel formed recently to discuss impact of retail FDI & minimum support prices?
a.       Sharad Pawar
b.      Jairam Ramesh
c.       Srikant Kumar Jena
d.      K V Thomas
Answer: Sharad Pawar
3.      As per the first ever survey of slum households by the Census of India, which among the following city has the most no. of households in slum?
a.       Vishakhapatnam
b.      Coimbatore
c.       Patna
d.      Durgapur
Answer: Vishakhapatnam
4.      The International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world on —-?
a.       12 March
b.      15 March
c.       18 March
d.      20 Marh
Answer: 20 March
5.      Recently, the commercial production of oil & gas has started in the Aishwariya Oil Field. These fields are located in —-?
a.       Andhra Pradesh
b.      West Bengal
c.       Rajasthan
d.      Maharashtra
Answer: Rajasthan
6.      The rebel alliance Seleka has been making news frequently in context with which among the following African Countries?
a.       Nigeria
b.      Zambia
c.       Central African Republic
d.      Angola
Answer: Central African Republic
7.      Recently, who among the following has became the head of an interim government in Nepal & tasked with steering the country towards elections by June?
a.       Ram Baran Yadav
b.      Khilraj Regmi
c.       Baburam Bhattarai
d.      Madhav Ghimire
Answer: Kilraj Regmi
8.      The spring festival of “Shigmo” is celebrated in —-?
a.       Kerala
b.      Goa
c.       Assam
d.      Sikkim
Answer: Goa
9.      Who among the following heads the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC)?
a.       A.S. Anand
b.      B.N. Srikrishna
c.       Raghuram Ranjan
d.      C. Rangarajan
Answer: B.N. Srikrishna
10.  Among the BRICS nation, which among the following countries has better rank in Human Development Index (HDI)?
a.       Russia
b.      Brazil
c.       China
d.      India
Answer: Russia

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