General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 30th March

General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2013- 30thMarch

As we know GK and current affairs is an important parameter which decides whether the candidate is passed or failed the exam. Never take GK and current affairs part so easy. You need to do work hard for this section to score good marks.

AllGovtJobs want your success!!! Here are some current affairs and GK quiz questions, hope you find it advantageous.

1.      The President of which among the following countries recently suggested a five point formula to improve relations with India?
a.       Pakistan
b.      Bangladesh
c.       China
d.      Sri Lanka
Answer: China
2.      The Chashma nuclear power complex, which is often in news is located in which among the following countries?
a.       China
b.      Pakistan
c.       Israel
d.      Iran
Answer: Pakistan
3.      The United States has official transferred the control of controversial Bagram prison to the local government which among the following countries?
a.       Iraq
b.      Pakistan
c.       Afghanistan
d.      Saudi Arabia
Answer: Afghanistan
4.      Which among the following fertility rate denotes population stabilization?
a.       1
b.      1.5
c.       2
d.      2.5
Answer: 2
5.      Which among the following Mobile maker has been served a Rs 2000 crore demand notice by Income Tax Department recently?
a.       Samsung
b.      Research in Motion
c.       Nokia
d.      LG
Answer: Nokia
6.      Who among the following has been named to lead the Indian women cricket team for the limited overs series against Bangladesh (April 2013)?
a.       Mithali Raj
b.      Harmanpreet Kaur
c.       Rumeli Dhar
d.      Poonam Raut
Answer: Harmanpreet Kaur
7.      Who among the following heads the Expert Committee for the purpose of reviewing the institutional frame work of Prasar Bharti?
a.       Sam Pitroda
b.      Asha Swaroop
c.       B.K Gairola
d.      Shekhar Kapur
Answer: Sam Pitroda
8.      The head quarters of the European Space Agency (ESA) are located at —–?
a.       Paris
b.      Berlin
c.       London
d.      Vienna
Answer: Paris
9.      Two BRICS nations have sealed a $30 bn currency swap agreement that is expected to act as a backstop to growing trade between the two countries. Identify the countries?
a.       India & Brazil
b.      India & Russia
c.       Brazil & China
d.      Brazil & South Africa
Answer: Brazil & China
10.  Who among the following is the present world number one male golfer?
a.       Rory McIlroy
b.      Luke Donald
c.       Tiger Woods
d.      Lee Westwood
Answer: Tiger Woods

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